research degree supervision, etc

Research Degree Supervision


PhD (p-t) Merryn Hutchings 1988 completed 1997

Children's Constructions of Work (winner of the British Educational Research Association's Dissertation Award)


PhD (f-t)Paulo Nyerembe 1991 completed 1995

The publishing industry, the ideological framework and foreign aid in Tanzania


PhD (p-t) Keith Crawford 1992 completed 1999

The social construction of curriculum : economic and industrial understanding as a cross-curricular theme


PhD (p-t) Tozun Issa 1991 completed 2002

Children's home languages in the classroom : development of identity and emotions in bilingual children


PhD (p-t) Susan Bailey 2003 completed 2008

The Development of Consumer Sciences and Consumer Studies at Degree Level in Higher Education in the United Kingdom


PhD (p-t) Marta Pinto 2004 completed 2010

Young people's constructions of European identities in Britain, Belgium and Luxembourg


PhD (p-t) Tania Muscat 2005 completed 2013

Maltese children's construction of identities through their engagement with the media


EdD (p-t) Getachew Zergaw 2009 completed 2014

Mature non-specialist undergraduate students and the challenges they face in learning mathematics


PhD (p-t) Jana Sulíková 2010 completed 2014

National identity and European integration in secondary education : the case of Slovakia


EdD (p-t) Jack Banner 2009 completed 2015

Exploring narratives of exclusion from school: How adolescent boys and educationalists negotiate schooling, family and gendered discourses


PhD (p-t) Tracey Part 2011 completed 2016

A study in identity formation: Troubling stories of adults taming mathematics


EdD (p-t) Charles Okpolawanko completed 2017

Parental engagement, new technologies and education: between two cultures


EdD (p-t) Alan Benson completed 2018

Migrants becoming mathematics teachers: Personal resources and professional capitals


in progress:


PhD (f-t) Azru Altugan 2013


EdD (p-t) Rita White 2013


PhD (f-t) Serpil Ermlya 2014


EdD (p-t) Jodie Long 2015


PhD (p-t) Sibylle Ratz 2015



External Examinerships


examiner of courses


  • BEd (Hons), Thames Polytechnic, 1985 - 89
  • BEd (Hons), South Bank Polytechnic, 1986 - 91
  • BEd (Hons), Hatfield Polytechnic, 1989 - 91
  • MA, Schools and Industry, University of Warwick, 1992 - 1995
  • BA (Hons) Educational Studies, University of Kingston, 1998 - 2001


examiner of research degree theses


MEd, University of Malta, 1996 (Christopher Fava: Infusing Economics into the Primary School Curriculum)


MPhil, University of North London, 1998 (internal examiner) (Cordelia Bryan: Education for Human Values)


D Phil, University of Warwick, 1998 (Jack Peffers: Policy transfer ‘west’ to ‘east’: The case of the Enterprise Education in Slovakia Project)


EdD, University of Durham, 1999 (Norma Iredale: Work-related education in primary schools: a study of industry’s attitudes and teacher motivation)


PhD, University of Lancaster, 2002 (David Landrum: Re-thinking the curriculum : the social construction of citizenship education in the national curriculum)


PhD, University of Lancaster, 2002 PhD, (Itohan Igbinigie: A study of a local strategy to increase access to initial teacher education for minority ethnic groups)


PhD, University of York, 2005 (Mark Evans: Teachers' characterisations of citizenship education in Canada and England)


PhD, University of Lahore, 2010 (Kiran Karim: Comparison of Scientific Inquiry and Traditional Method of Teaching Physics at higher Secondary Level)


PhD, University of Lahore, 2011 (Muhammad Shahzad Awan: A study to assess the development of attitude towards teaching among prospective teachers)


PhD, Dublin City University, 2013 (John Lalor: Educate Together: a response to a Pluralist Ireland?)


PhD, University of Lahore, 2013 (Aneela Hassan: Effectiveness of Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning Processes in the BEd)


PhD, Klaipėda University, Lithuania, 2014 (external adviser to the Defence Board) (Aida Norvilienė: Students‘ targeted cultural education as a factor of improvement of their intercultural competence)


PhD, London Metropolitan University, 2014 (Internal) (Naveed Kazmi: How do middle class Pakistani young people construct contemporary international conflicts?)


PhD, London Metropolitan University, 2015 (Internal) (Valerie Lawson-Last: Understanding the performance of the Left Party (DIE LINKE) in Western Germany: A comparative evaluation of Cartel and Social Cleavage Theories as explanatory frameworks)


MPhil, London Metropolitan University, 2015 (Internal) (Mohamed Kanu: Pathways to higher education: A biographical case-study of Sierra Leonean master students enrolled on one year courses at some London Universities)


PhD, Royal Holloway University, London, 2015 (Nora Siklodi: Mobility for active citizenship? Students' perceptions of identity, rights and participation in the EU)


PhD, University of the West of England, 2015 (Rosie Bosse Chitty: The development of children’s political competence in a Primary school: A quest)


PhD, London Metropolitan University, 2015 (Internal) (Efthymia Papanastasiou: Gender and leadership in Greek Primary Education)


PhD, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, 2015 (Margarita Jeliazkova: Citizenship Education: Social Science Teachers' view in three European countries)



research degree supervision


Understanding the Construction of Identities by Young New Europeans: Kaleidoscopic Identities


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Future Citizens: 21st century challenges for young people


(edited with B Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz and A Zalewska) Krakow: Impuls 2010




What’s fair? Young Europeans’ constructions of equity, altruism and self-interest


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A European Education


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Teachers’ and Pupils’ Constructions of Competition and Cooperation: A three country study of Slovenia, Hungary and England


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