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Citizenship Education for Hard to Reach Learners in Europe


I’m co-editing this volume, with Michalis Kakos (Leeds Beckett University, UK) and Christoph Müller-Hofstede (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, Germany).

This volume is to be published in 2016. It’s the work of the ‘Hard to Reach’ groupo of the Network for European Citizenship Education (NECE).

















In August 2015 I contributed to the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) conference


Building the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community

Towards a common identity: Learning from the European Union’s Experience







This is organised by ASEAN and the EU Delegation to Vietnam



I also spoke at the


University of Humanities and Social Sciences Hanoi

University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Vietnam National University) Ho Chi Minh City





Şcoală de didactică universitară şi cercetare ştiinţifică avantsată


The Univeritaria project in Romania









I’m working with a team from London Metropolian University that is collaborating with five higher education institutions in Romania to develop research and teaching capacity. The Universitaria project is supported by the European Commission.




Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara

Academia de Studii Economice, cu sediul în Piața, București

Universitatea Lucian Blaga din Sibiu

Unitatea Executivă pentru Finanțarea Învățământului Superior, București

Institutul de Știinte ale Educației, București


Over the past year we have been working with Romanian colleaguyes on this programme. My role has been to contribute to the final conferences, in București, Timișoara and Sibiu. In September to November 2015 my colleagues (Professor Sonia Mackay and Professor John Gabriel) and I will be visiting these institutions to talk on aspects of higher education teaching and learning and about research.


My contributions will be on

  • The Nature of qualitative research
  • Young people constructing identities in the new Europe
  • Aspects of PhD supervision


other current projects

Education, Globalisation and the Nation


I’m co-authoring this book, with Ian Davies (University of York), King Man Chong (Hong Kong Institute of Education, China), Terrie Epstein (City University of New York, USA), Carla Peck (University of Alberta, Canada), Andrew Peterson (University of South Australia), Maria Auxiliadora Schmidt (Universidade Federal do Paraná , Brazil), Alan Sears (University of New Brunswick, Canada) and Debbie Sonu (City University of New York, USA).


It is to be published by Palgrave Macmillan later this year (2015).


My principal contribution has been to draft the chapter on citizenship education in the European Union and its member states – I cover the broad social, political and cultural context of the EU, including the historical background; the key features of the current education systems across the 28 member states that are relevant to educating about and for the nation; the various strategies (curricular and other) used in this; and a speculation on likely and desirable futures in the EU in citizenship education.


Other chapters consider Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, so my contribution is significantly different in looking at a transnational unit.


The NECE has a variety of activities within its framework to encourage the organisation of contacts, co-operation and synergies in the field of citizenship education. NECE is not an institutionalised network, but a forum that allows the spectrum of stakeholders involved in citizenship education to interact with one another. The initiative´s chief goal is to promote the Europeanisation of citizenship education, and to contribute to the creation of a European general public.

The idea for this particular publication has been conceived within the framework of the NECE Hard to Reach Focus Group, which works as an open network of European scholars and practitioners.

The volume will aim to explore, understand and problematize different aspects of the efforts made to develop opportunities for citizenship education for marginalised groups. Our endeavour is to respond to the phenomenon of growing social exclusion in Europe, and to develop a better understanding of its association with political disengagement and radicalism.


Understanding the Construction of Identities by Young New Europeans: Kaleidoscopic Identities


Routledge 2015



Equalities and Education in Europe: Explanations and Excuses for Inequality


(with Melinda Dooly,and Nanny Hartsmar)

Cambridge Scholars 2012




Future Citizens: 21st century challenges for young people


(edited with B Krzywosz-Rynkiewicz and A Zalewska) Krakow: Impuls 2010




What’s fair? Young Europeans’ constructions of equity, altruism and self-interest


(edited with M Dooly)

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Press 2010




A European Education


Trentham Press 2008





Teachers’ and Pupils’ Constructions of Competition and Cooperation: A three country study of Slovenia, Hungary and England


(with Marta Fűlőp and Marajanca Pergar Kuščer)

University of Ljubljana Press 2006


Higher Education and Social Class: Issues of exclusion and inclusion


(ed with Louise Archer and Merryn Hutchings)

RoutledgeFalmer 2003





The Crisis in Teacher Supply: Research and strategies for retention


(ed with Ian Menter and Merryn Hutchings)

Trentham Press 2002


Curriculum: Construction and Critique


Falmer 2000

Book Chapter

Zsuanna Millei and Robert Imre (of the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia) have edited a book, ‘Childhood’ and ‘nation’: global identities, local subjectivities which will include a chapter I have contributed entitled ‘Constructing narratives of political identities: young people in the ‘new’ European states’. This is to be published later in 2015 by Palgrave Macmillan.

Alevis in Europe

I’m currently working on a chapter for a book called Voices of Migration, Culture and Identity: Alevis in Turkey and Europe, which is being edited by Tözün Issa (London Metropolitan University). My chapter is about the European citizenship position of the Alevi population: ‘Implications for Educational Policy and Practice’. The book is to be published by Ashgate in 2016.

International Handbook of Progressive Education


I’m a co-section- of this volume, to be published in August 2015 by Peter Lang. The main editors are Bertram Bruce and Yunus Eryaman; other section editors are John Pecore, Brian Drayton, Maureen Hogan and Jeanne Connell : I’m co-editor of the section on contemporary issues with Jeanne.













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