Professor of Politics and Education

London Metropolitan University

Jean Monnet ad personam Professor

Fellow, Academy of Social Sciences

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Alistair Ross

Welcome to my website

I'm a (part-time) Senior Professor in Politics and Education, in the School of Social Sciences at London Metropolitan University.


I also have a Jean Monnet (ad personam) Chair in Citizenship Education in Europe, and am a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (UK).


I  used to be the Director of Institute for Policy Studies in Education (IPSE) at London Metropolitan, from 2000 to 2009, and I also established the Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe Academic Network for the European Commission in 1998, and directed this till 2008.


I retired from full-time employment in the summer of 2009, since when I’ve been conducting a personal research study of how young people in Europe construct their political identities – locally, in their own state, as Europeans, and globally. I continue to be interested in researching and promoting policies for social justice and equity in education.


On this website you will find information on


  • the progress of my current major project, on how young people in Europe construct their locational identities - with respect to their town, region, country/nation, Europe and beyond. This has now covered 30 counties, 105 different places - see the map to the left -  and small group discussions with over 2000 young people between 11 and 20. 
  • A list of my publications and keynote addresses, 1972- present
  • Some extracts from my more recent works, that might be useful for other scholars.
  • Notes on other current and recent activities, including details of my supervision of research students.


Do contact me ...

 - it may take time before I reply, but I will get back to you.

alistairrosslondon[at]gmail.com    or     a.ross@londonmet.ac.com


Recent and forthcoming publications

  • Young Europeans’ construction of a Europe of human rights. 2020. London Review of Education, 18 (1) pp. 81-95. doi 10.18546/LRE.18.1.06
  • Finding political identities: Young people in a changing Europe. 2019. Palgrave Macmillan. Pp xxv+366. doi 10.1007/978-3-319-90875-5
  • Young Europeans constructions of nation, state, country and Europe. 2019. National Identities, 22, pp 1-7. doi.org/10.1080/14608944.2019.1694499
  • Constructing Europe and the European Union via Education Contrasts and Congruence within and between Germany and England [with Eleanor Brown, Beatrice Szczepek Reed, Ian Davies and Géraldine Bengsch]. 2019. Journal of Educational Media, Memory, and Society, 11 (2) 2, pp 1–29. doi: 10.3167/jemms.2019.1110201
  • Young Europeans: A New Political Generation?. 2018. Societies, 8(70), pp 1-24. 70.  doi.org/10.3390/soc8030070


 In press: (edited book)

  • Educational Research for Social Justice: Evidence and practice from the UK, Springer

       with chapters:

  • What do educational science and the public good mean in the context of educational research for social justice?
  • The construction of political identities: young Europeans’ deliberation on ‘the public good’
  • The problem of the public good and the implications for researching educational policies for social justice

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