journal articles and journals edited

journal articles and journals edited

Journal Articles


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Ross A (2013) Kritinis požiūris į švietimo persvarstymą ir būtinybę plėtoti pilietiškumo įgūdžius [A critical review of the approach to education and the need to develop citizenship skills]  Translated by  Jolanta Augustaitė, on Ikimokyklinis Pazinkime Vaikyste organisation site  (Lithuanian Pre-School Childhood Information) website:


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Ross A (2007) Educación Ciudadana e Identidad en Europa Revista Electrónica Iberoamericana sobre Calidad, Eficacia y Cambio en Educación (REICE) (Educación para la Ciudadanía y los Derechos Humanos en América Latina y Europa). Vol. 5 (4) 132-143

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Edited Journals (Guest Editor)

2014  Citizenship Teaching and Learning – Guest Editor,  Special Issue on Citizenship Education and Migration, Volume 9, No 2  Summer 2014

2013  European Journal of Education, Research, Development and Policy – Guest Editor with Carole Leathwood, Special Issue on Problematising the Issue of Early School Leaving in the European Context, Vol 48, No 3, September 2013

2012  International Journal of Progressive Education – Guest editor, Special Issue on Education for Active Citizenship, Vol 8, No 3: October 2013

Guest Editor, British Journal of Education and Work, issue on Economic and Industrial Understanding in Primary Education, Easter 1994

Guest Editor: Social Science Teacher, issue on Social Studies in Primary Education, 13, 3, 1984 

Guest Editor, Clio: The Review of the History and Social Sciences Teachers' Centre, issue on Ethnicity and Culture, 1, 4, Summer 1981

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Editor, Children's Social and Economics Education: An International Journal 1996 - 2001

Editor, Primary Newsletter of the History and Social Sciences Teachers' Centre, 1979 - 81

Editor, Primary Teaching Studies, 1985 - 1991

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Series editorships for the CiCe Academic Network

Series Editor, European Issues in Children’s Identity and Citizenship, Trentham Press

(8 volumes published 2002-2008.)

Editor and principal author (2001) Preparing Professions in Education for Issues of Citizenship and Identity in Europe. London: CiCe. (pp 80).

Series Editor, CiCe Guidelines

  1. Teaching Controversial Issues: A European Perspective (Berg, W., Graeffe, L., Holden, C). 2003

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  1. NGOs and Higher Education: Working together for Citizenship education and the development of identities (Aksit, N., Hartsmar, N., Moreaeus, L.) 2005

Series Editor, CiCe Professional Guidelines

Professional Guidance – Citizenship Education and identity in courses for those who will work with Pre-school children (Dryfjord, K, Fumat, Y., Pergar Kuščer, M., Andersen, R.) 2004

Professional Guidance – Citizenship Education and identity in courses for those who will work with Primary-aged  children (Rone, S., Freitas, L., Kratsborn, W., Sinnige, A.) 2004

Professional Guidance – Citizenship Education and identity in courses for those who will work with Secondary-aged pupils (Misiejuk, D., Raubik, R., Tutiaux-Guillon, N.) 2004

Series Editor, CiCe Guidelines on the Design of Higher education Courses

  1. Citizenship Education in First Cycle Undergraduate Teacher Education Courses (Danciu, M., Clarke, M., Elm, A.) 2005

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  1. Developing the conditions for citizenship education in Higher Education (Essomba, M., Karatzia-Stavlioti, E., Maitles, H. and Zalieskiene, I.)

Series Editor, CiCe Guidelines on Citizenship Education in a Global Context

  • Developing a world view of citizenship education in Higher Education Programmes (Dooly, M., Foster, R., Misejuk, D.)  2006

  • Citizenship Education: Identity issues in a time of Diaspora, Migration and Settlement (Issa, T., Dinvaut, A., Petrucijova, P.) 2006

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  • Identity and citizenship: the impact of borders and shifts in boundaries (Kratsborn, W., Jacott, L. and Ocel, N.)

  • Religion and citizenship education in Europe (Williams, K., Hinge, H. and Persson, B.)

  • Education for World Citizenship: Preparing students to be agents of social change (Tuomi, M., Jacott, L. and Lundgren, U.)

Series Editor: CiCe guides for research students and supervisors

  • Researching citizenship: What has to be done, what is to be done? (Davies, I., Fűlőp, M., Cajani, L., Näsman, E., Navarro, A.) 2006

  • Controversial Issues in Research (Davies, I., Fűlőp, M., Cajani, L., Näsman, E., Navarro, A.) 2007

  • Europe and the World (Davies, I., Fűlőp, M., Cajani, L., Näsman, E., Navarro, A.) 2008

Series Editor: CiCe guides for practice-based research

  • Developing practice-based research for cooperation and cooperative learning (Etienne, R., Verkest., H., Freitas, L., Meciar, M.) 2006

  • Developing practice-based research for critical thinking with philosophy for children (Etienne, R., Verkest., H., Atkan Kerem, E., Meciar, M.) 2007

  • Developing practice-based research with pesona dolls for social and emotional development in early childhood (Etienne, R., Verkest., H., Atkan Kerem, E., Meciar, M.) 2008

Editor: CiCe Research Digest (January and July, 2006 – 2009)

Editor: Intercultural Learning for European Citizenship (Gifford, C., Gocsal, A., Rado, B., Gonçalves, S., Wolodzko, E.) 2008

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