Othering and Identity: theoretican reflections on the identity constructions of Europeans.  Keynote at the 17yh CiCe Jean Monnet Network Conference: Migrants, Identities and Nation-States: the implications for citizenship education Madrid: 17 June 2016: ES


Othering and Identity: theoretican reflections on the identity constructions of Europeans.  workshop/lecture at the Networking European Citizenship Education conference Us and Them - Citizenship Education in an Interdependent World. Thessalonika: 23 October 2015: GR

New Young Europeans: constructing identies in east-central Europe. Inited lecture to the UNIVERSITAS conference in Sibiu, Romania: 12 October 2015: RO

People's constructons of identity as Europeans.  Invited lecture: University of Social Sciences and New Young EuropeansHumanities Ho Chi Munh City, Vietnam: 27 August 2015; VN

Building the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Communiuty: Towards a common identity - learning from the European Union's Experience.  Keynote address to the ASEAN Seminar on Developing a Common Identity. Hanoi Vietnam: 26 August 2015; VN

Young People's constructons of identity as Europeans.  Invited lecture: University of Humanities and the Social Sciences Hanoi, Vietnam: 25 August 2015; VN


Why Asking Questions Doesn't Produce Answers.  Opening Keynote to the Research Student Conference of the CiCe Network, Olsztyn Poland; June 9 2014; PO

Kaliedoscopic Identities: Young People ten years into European Union Membership. Opening Keynote, 16th Children's Citizenship and Identity Conference. Olsztyn, Poland; June 12 2014; PO


Imagining and constructing intersecting Balkan identities: young people’s constructions of identity in Romania and Bulgaria.  Keynote to the Eurofringes. Intercultural networking strategies Conference, Bucharest, Romania; June 6 2013; RO

A critical approach to ‘Rethinking Education’ and the need to develop citizenship skills. Keynote speech to EUCIS-LLL (European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning) Annual Conference 2013, 14 May, Vilnius; May 14 2013; LT


Education, inclusion and social justice.  Speaker at the 2012 Jean Monnet Conference on ‘Sustainable Growth in the European Union - the Role of Education and Training, Brussels;November 14, 2012; BE

What would a socially just education system look like? Invited lecture in the NESSET (Network of Experts on Social Aspects of Education and Training) series for Department of Education and Culture European Commission Staff, Brussels; November 9 2012; BE


What Makes for Fair Education and How Much is Possible? Keynote address at    European consultation symposium ‘Measures to Combat Educational Disadvantage’  European Commission: Education and Culture, Brussels; December 8 2011; BE

Comparing Educational Policies towards Migrants: European Policy Centre; Policy Dialogue Education for Inclusion: strategies to reduce immigrant marginalisation in Europe and the US; June 2011; BE

Life Long Education.  Key note address to the 3rd International Congress of Educational Research in Turkey (Turkish Educational Research Association (TEAB)). Girne, Cyprus;May 2011; CY

Social mobility and individual and social progress for migrants: the role of education  Migration – Integration – Social Mobility  Conference in Berlin organised by the Henreich Boll Stiffung and the British Council (Germany);17 March 2011; DE

 Education: the MIPEX indicators, the UK context and current Issues - L’accès et la réussite à l’école des enfants de migrants: perspectives en France et expériences européennes: address at  L’index des politiques d’intégration des migrants (MIPEX) : quels enseignements pour la France ? Conference organised by France terre d’asile Olivier FERRAND, président, Terra Nova and British Council (Paris);16 March 2011; FR


Life Long Learning and Citizenship EducationChildren’s Identity and Citizenship Education in Europe Conference; May 2010; ES

Round Table on The future of  citizenship education in Europe Nordic Education Conference (University of Malmo); March 2010; SE

Cross cultural learning from media in Europe, Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities Conference;Jan 2010; PL


Keynote address to JoMite conference (EC project) on Citizenship education in Europe. Prague-  Charles University; Sept 2009; CZ

Teaching as a Political Activity. Keynote address to  11th European Conference, CiCe Academic network.  Malmo, Sweden; 22 May 2009; SE

Educational policy research for social justice. Key note address to the 1st International Congress of Educational Research in Turkey (Turkish Educational Research Association (TEAB)). Canakkale, Turkey; 2 May 2009; TR


Constructing European Identities. Opening address to 10th European Conference Reflecting on Identities: Research, Practice and Innovation, Istanbul; 30 May 2008; TR


Citizenship Education and Change.  Invited keynote address to the inaugural conference of the POLIS Citizenship Association, ‘Citizenship-Multiculturalism-Cosmopolitanism’. Nicosia; 3 November 2007; CY

Education for Citizenship, Society and Identity: Europe and its Regions, opening keynote to Citizenship Education in Society - A challenge for the Nordic countries, Malmo;4 September 2007;SE

Active Citizenship and Identities: towards a fourth phase of CiCe, Opening address to 9th European Conference Citizenship Education in Society, Montpellier; 24 May 2007; FR

Education for Citizenship, Society and  Identity: Europe and its Regions, opening address to the Children’s Identity and Citizenship in the Visegrad Context  Conference. Presov; 25 April 2007; SK

Education for Citizenship, Society and Identity: Europe and its Regions, opening keynote to South-European and Mediterranean Conference on Citizenship Education. Patras; 13 April 2007; EL

Issues in recruitment, progression and careers.  Keynote speech at the Black and Minority Ethnic Student Participation in Initial Teacher Training Conference, Teachers for the 21st century project.  Bradford ;20 March 2007; UK

Education for Citizenship, Society and Identity: Europe and its Regions, opening keynote to Iberian Conference on Citizenship Education, Lisbon; 9 March 2007; PT


Plural Identities And Citizenship Education In The Context Of Europe.  Keynote address to  3rd International Children and Communication Congress (3 Uluslararası Çocuk ve İletişim Kongresi)  Tailoring Identities for Future Children/Geleceğin Çocuğuna Kimlik Biçmek.  Istanbul; 7 November 2006; TR

Europe and the World: Issues for Citizenship Education.  Keynote address at the 8th European CiCe Conference, Riga; 25 May 2006; LT

Teaching and Learning Citizenship Education in changing Europe. Opening  keynote speech to conference ‘ Education in the knowledge- based society: ambiguities in educational, social and cultural reality’ (Edukacja w społeczeństwie wiedzy – wieloznaczność rzeczywistości edukacyjnej, społecznej i kulturowej), University of Silesia; 25 Sept 2006; PO


Challenges and Dilemmas in education for rights through Citizenship Education.  Keynote address to the European Network of Occupational Therapists, Vienna;23 Sept 2005; AT

Constructing Citizenship through Teaching.  Keynote address presented at the 7 th European CiCe Conference, Ljubljana; 19 May 2005  SI

Cultural diversity and curriculum diversity.  Keynote address at the annual conference of the Cyprus Educational Research Association: ‘Citizenship and Multiculturism’, Nicosia; 16 April 2005; CY


Desiderius Erasmus and the Experience of Citizenship. Keynote  at the sixth Children’s identity and citizenship in Europe conference.  Krakow; 20 May 2004; PO


Culture, Identity and Education.  Keynote address to the fifth European CiCe Conference, Braga; 8 May 2003; PT

Developing a Thematic Network in the Socrates Programme: the experience of CiCe.  Invited address to Consumer Citizenship Network Preliminary Conference, Lisbon; 6 May 2003; PT


Dilemmas and tasks in the training of education-based professionals in issues of European Citizenship and European Identity. Invited paper presented at the Identidad Europa – Individuo Grupo, Sociedad – en el futuro de Europa Conference (Education for an interdependent World with the European Parliament and the Asociacao Luso-Espanhola de Pedagogia). Salamanca; 18 October 2002; ES

Citizens and Xenophobes: identities in a changing Europe. Opening keynote paper presented to the Socrates GRUNDTVIG conference. Malta: Valetta; 11 October 2002; MA

Citizenship Education: A Challenge to Schools. Opening keynote paper presented to the National Conference ‘The School and the Civic Society’. University of Helsinki; 16 Sept2002; FI


Future Citizens in Europe. Opening Keynote at the fourth CiCe European Conference. Budapest; 17 May 2002; HU

Developing Consumer Citizenship and Citizenship Education, Keynote paper to Developing Consumer Citizenship Conference: Hedmark ;21 April 2002; NO


Initiatives for co-operation in teaching about children’s social, political and economic identities in Europe: The background and development of the Socrates Thematic Network Project Children’s Identity and Citizenship in Europe.  Keynote address:  Samfunnsfagene i det nye Europa Conference,  Lillehammer; 22 Nov 2001; NO

Jaký způsob vzdělávání k občanství budeme v Evropě potřebovat? (What kind of Citizenship Education will we need in Europe).  Key note address: Czech Pedagogical Research Association, Ostrava; 27 June 2001; CZ

Teacher Supply and Retention: Issues in ethnicity, promotion and senior posts. Keynote address at Emerging Issues in Teacher Supply and Retention Conference, University of North London; 12 June 2001; UK

Learning for Democracy the CiCe dissemination framework. Keynote address at the third European CiCe Conference, Bruges; 8 May 2001; BE

What's the education agenda for the next Parliament? Keynote speaker at What's the education agenda for the next Parliament Conference, RSA, London; 28 March 2001; UK


Shaping young people’s constructions of identity in a changing Europe.  Keynote address, second European CiCe Conference, Athens; 3 May 2000; EL

The image of Europe between globalization and national consciousness: traditional concepts and recent developments in the teaching of history, geography and civic education closing address to the Georg Ekart Institut/ Fondazione Giovanni Agnelli International Conference  on The Image of Europe,  Turin; 15 May 2000; IT


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